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about fotocakes
Handling fotocakes:
Make sure your hands are clean and dry.

After taking the image out of the protective bag, simply lay down on your cake. If you have any air
bubbles pat gently not rub.

Shelf Life:
You can expect your fotocake image to last the normal shelf life of the product it has been applied.
It will hold up in your refrigerator or freezer.
If used on a shelf stable product like royal icing or white chocolate the image will last as long as the product.

Icing Types:
Buttercream icing is the best. Images work best when applied immediately after icing the cake.
If the cake has formed a crust, a very slight misting of plain water to the icing, before applying the image will help the image dissolve into the frosting more easily.

Boiled Icing:
Slight mist of water spray before applying the image. Unfortunately the nature of this icing does not lend itself to a long shelf life.  So just as your icing will become rubbery and dry after a day, so will your image.

Royal Icing:
This sets hard. Apply water before icing, apply image immediately.

You will be pleased with the results from this.

Poured White Chocolate:
Apply image while still wet.

Real Dairy Whipped Products:
Because of the high water content, on cream and heavy cream, shelf life of your image is minimal - 4 to 6 hrs.

Allow the iceream to "sweat" a little so you have moisture to bond to. your ice-cream melts, so does your image!  So keep frozen hadrd after applying your image.