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Have a question?  Feel free to email us, but have a rummage around here first!

Q. Is this real...will I actually get toilet paper if I win?
A. Yes you will, delivered to your door!

Q. Why toilet paper?
A. Well, we have never seen it used as a prize before, well not in the places we frequent, and it is something you do use.

Q. Will I get junk mail if I enter?
A. No! You will receive one email each week from us regarding the previous winner, perhaps another free contest and some information on products that may be of interest.

Q. Did you think this up all by yourself?
A. No, credit again to the good old USA and the guys at
But we thought it was worth while to bring it downunder.

Q. Can I do anything to increase the chance of winning that fantastic prize?
A. No, not a thing.

Q. What happens if I win?
A. You need to reply to the email we send you telling you that you have won. Then we will put your name up on the winners page so you can tell everyone to check it out.

Q. Is this real?
A. See the first question.