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Free Toilet Paper

It's True! Yes, you can win TOILET PAPER !
But don't laugh...think about it.
It is something you and your family use every day!
You always have to buy it every time you shop!
It has dozens of other uses as well (when we think of some we'll let you know)

You probably already spend a fortune entering Lotto competitions and the like every week and what do you usually end up with? NOTHING!

Well, here at Free Toilet Paper it costs you nothing to enter.
And who knows, Australia Post may be on their way to your home with a fantastic packet of TOILET PAPER.
Amaze your friends by telling them you won a major prize!

You may have dreams of winning the big one, but hey, come back to earth.....Enter to win toilet takes just a few seconds to fill in the form and who knows.....lucky you may be getting THAT knock on the door.

You will be getting a pack of lovely, soft LUXURY  toilet tissue.

You only need to enter once and will remain in the contest as long as you wish. You can withdraw at any time.


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This contest is open WORLD WIDE

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