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Q. How long will it take to learn to use the Carlmont mobile plating system?
A. Most operators become proficient in approx. one hour, however we suggest you spend at least two hours practicing before working on customers items.

Q. What is included in the Carlmont System?
A. All systems are supplied complete with all accessories you will require to operate your business, plus a supply of 24carat hard gold solution.

Q. Can I plate all metals with the system?
A. Most metals can be plated, however, alluminium is particularly hard to plate and requires special preparation. We suggest you do not attempt to plate alluminium.

Q. Can I plate chrome plated brass taps?
A. Yes, prior to plating, the chrome is removed using the systems strip facility.

Q. Can I plate chrome plated plastic car badges and kitchen taps?
A. Yes, again the chrome must be removed first. Refer to our demo page for a step-by-step illustration of the operation.

Q. Can I plate a portion of an object?
A. Yes, non-immersion [brush] plating is ideal for selective area plating.

Q. How long does the finish take to dry?
A. The finish is dry instantly, their is no drying or hardening time required.

Q. Can I plate silver with the Carlmont system?
A. Yes. We supply gold, silver, copper, nickel, in fact over 40 different decorative and industrial finishes.

Q. Will the plating wear off?
A. The 24c hard gold finish is harder than conventional immersion plating but will eventually wear off from heavy usage surfaces such as keys and door handles.

Q. Can the system be used for industrial plating?
A. Yes, the systems will perform some industrial plating, however, large industrial surface areas require hight power outputs, and the Carlmont 2003 is better suited to this type of operation.

Q. Can the systems perform immersion plating?
A. Yes, our mini-bath system is also available as an add-on to the 2001 system.

Q. What is the working life of the system?
A. The 2001 and 2002 are both high-technology sytems are are designed to operate indefinately.