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Plating Costs
Car Badges:

We offer a flat rate of just $40.00 per badge regardless of quantity.
If you are getting all badges on a car done, a discount MAY apply for smaller badges on the vehicle.
Presuming all are standard size --- no larger than Holden/Ford Badges.

And why not get your car key gold plated for just an extra $10.00 at the same time (price applies  ONLY with badge package)!

Car Grills, Flashing:

Because of the amount of area to be plated on a grill we prefer to quote on this. But in general between $150 and $300.00


$45.00 each. Mixers $45.00

Towel Rail:

Single Rail $125.00

Stones etc. are NOT removed.
Buy it in silver, wear it in GOLD!
Often a silver bracelet may be $100 and a gold $500!
Buy the silver version and we will gold plate if for a fraction of the price of you buying the gold version!

Rings: just $15.00 !
Medical Bracelets $25.00
Solid Bracelets $20.00 up.
Chain Bracelets $20.00 up.
Charm Bracelets $45.00 up.
Necklaces $30 up.
Ear Rings $15-$30.00
Cuff LInks $15.00 pair
Buttons $5 - $10 each
Belt Buckles $25 - $50.00
Watches Band and Face $50-$70 Face Only $20.00
Remember we are plating with 24ct hardened gold.

We are always happy to visit  (Geelong and region, car badges/taps only) and quote for work, no obligation, no cost for quote. We also can plate by mail order.....see Arrange On Site Plating.


Varies enormously depending on the job.It  is $150.00 to have a gleaming 24 ct. gold club....NEW CLUBS LOOK BEST!
War Medals
We have had many requests and will plate these with either 24 ct Gold or Silver.
We can plate copper medals to gold or silver.
Make sure your medal is NOT plastic coated.
A flat price of $20.00 per medal gold or silver. Contact us to arrange sending your medals for plating.  Medals MUST be unmounted, no ribbons etc.

SILVER PRICING IS  20 % LESS  THAN GOLD PRICING (except for medals) Silver plating is NOT available for chains.