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More Information

Is gold plating expensive?
NO! Gold plating is not as expensive as you might think!

How long does it take?
To plate, for example, 8 badges on a car takes approximately 1 1/2 hours.
We do NOT need the keys to your car as we do not remove the badges.
Area must be well lit, under shelter if raining.

Is gold difficult to maintain?
Gold requires very little maintenance at all. It will not tarnish, rust or corrode. Just wash with a gentle soap. Then apply a light coat of wax. That's it!

How long will the gold plate last?
With proper care and under normal conditions, the gold plate will last many years without peeling, fading or chipping.

What type of material CAN be gold plated?
Most metals can be plated by us. Any chrome, raw steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, some metalized plastics, to name a few. Call for specific metals.

What items can be plated?

Emblems, grills, fender trim, door handles, antennas, licecse plate frames, headlight and tail cover bezels, key and lock cylinders, wheel center caps, fuel caps, valve covers, pulleys, brackets, bolts, air cleaners, exhaust tips.
Where there is chrome today there can be gold tomorrow.

Covers, parts, nuts, bolts etc. GO WILD!'s up to you.
Stand out from the chrome crowd.

Internal and external metal parts.  Kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Have the ultimate RV.


Rings, chains, ear-rings, belt buckles, pendants - all types.
Medals, including war medals.
We can  plate and  replate by mail order Australia wide. Please enquire.

SILVER PLATING IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS AS MENTIONED ABOVE. Exception: Chains, chain bracelets can only be gold plated. We do not offer Silver Plating of Chains.