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Heat Packs
Heat Packs

These are great!

I have sold literally thousands of these over the years.

They are corduroy bags filled with natural wheat!

Just pop them in the old microwave for 3 minutes and they are Sooooo good!

On your neck, back, any aches and pains or just to soothe away the days tension.

Use them over and over.

And NO, my bags DO NOT contain lavender or essential oils for TWO reasons:

1. Some people are allergic to various herb/oil combinations.

2. Safety.....dried herbs (which is what you end up with after many microwavings) can ignite.

3. Full directions come with my heat bags.

Heat bags are just $13.95 each, and I even express post them aussie wide, even though they weigh a fair bit!

They are big enough to go around your neck or cover a good section of your back.

Here's a not too glamourous photo.......they work a lot better than they look in this photo!