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We know running a Free Toilet Paper is not normal, so there is no need to tell us that.
Your comments are always welcome.
You can let us know what you think at the "Why a Toilet Paper Contest?"  page.
You never know,  your "thoughts" may appear here:

"Ya right! Down with useless prizes like holidays and scooters. I wanna win me something I can REALLY use. Toilet paper." M.C.

"Found all this quite amusing, especially when a pack of toiletpaper arrived at my door! This isn't a joke." J&R G.

" I think it is a great idea as it is something every home can not do without, keep it coming" A.P.

"Glad to be in your contest! Great idea. It's something that you can't be with out.
Who invented it?  Was it you all?"  J.J.

"Yes it sure is different as everyone has to use it unless they tear up newspaper as they did in days of yore, you will get people's attention." M.B.

"What a FANTASTIC idea! I can't think of a better use for the internet! Keep up the creativity!
M. Richards
LOVE the site!"   M.R.

"Yeah  I agree it is VERY different!!  I was laughing so hard when I realized that my friend sent me a site to win toilet paper!!  But I figure hey  what the hell,  we all use toilet paper I hope.  lol!!"   S.L.

"I hope it comes in a plain wrapper!" T.F-G.

"Brilliant! Glad someone thought of it. What an arsey competition. I want to know why someone wouldn't want to win toilet paper? " A.P.

"This is Great I could save a heap of money on stuff I throw down the toilet" J.E.

"Toilet paper is one of life essentials, it may not be as glamourous as winning a car or money, but getting caught without it can often be wore than being without a car or money." M.T.