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Mega Disc Three

Mega-Software CD Loaded With Programs (7000+ Programs) On Compact Disk

This Contains the same programs that everyone else is selling + MUCH, MUCH MORE - UNLIKE ANY OTHER CD FOR SALE. This package is the ultimate in software packages because we give you more than anybody else gives you. Save yourself Thousands of Dollars and Buy This CD. You Won't Regret It. MAKE MONEY RESELLING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN !!!!

Here's what you will get: Scroll down for complete details on Everything included in this Package


StarOffice 5.1 StarOffice is 100% Microsoft Office-compatible and runs native on Windows 95/98/NT. It loads, runs and edits all Microsoft Office files or data and saves in Microsoft format or as HTML files. Will boost your productivity as all tasks can be done from a perfectly integrated workplace. You can edit texts or spreadsheets, create presentations or work in a team. You can also surf the Internet, read and write e-mails or news postings.

Web Publishing HTML Editor of the Next Generation Nothing more stands in the way of creating your own homepage. On the contrary - with the WYSIWYG HTML Editor in StarOffice, you can create professional Web sites in no time, including frames to arrange the screen contents, hyperlinks to structure your information, imagemaps for visual navigation among contents, and much more.

The Gimp:PhotoShop!!! MindVision Software is giving you this release of the most feature packed graphics editor to hit the Windows platform since Adobe cornered the market years ago.(This blows PaintShop Pro out of the GAME!)

FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE! You get 15 different, independent spy programs!!

Over 250 Screen Savers

THE DAY YOU WERE BORN! Top News Headlines Of The Quarter: Sports Headlines This Year,Top Songs This Year,Other Birthdays That Day, Academy Award Winners, ETC...

16,000 GAME CHEATS!! Finally,beat that kid at their own game. Cheat Codes for almost every game imaginable.

Double PC Speed Software This package contains several programs that will modify your PC to run at its peak performance. There is software to optimize memory, CPU usage, hard drives, and more. This is selling like crazy on the Internet.

28 Business Programs

AOL Stay Connected Two utilities that will insure that you will never get disconnected from AOL again.

PS-Pro - Paint Shop Professional.
Internet Hoaxes Learn About Internet Hoaxes - Don't Get Suckered !!!
All Of These Programs AND HEAPS MORE........

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